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Machine Learning, along with AI and Deep Learning, the current buzzwords are shaking and shaping the next few years of software technology. You would learn what it is the Machine Learning hoopla all about. Find out if Machine Learning is the right career for you, and if you think you would like to learn more about Machine Learning.

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I - Python for Data Science

Learn basic Python that is needed for data science. Learn Python, Pandas, Numpy, Seaborn and other Python tools for Data Science

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II - Machine Learning & Deep Learning

We will discuss a framework for reasoning about when to apply various machine learning techniques, emphasizing questions of over-fitting/under-fitting, regularization, interpretability, supervised/unsupervised methods, and handling of missing data.

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III - Data Engineering on Google Cloud Platform

Becoming a Data Engineer on Google Cloud Platform requires expertise in Programming, Data Cleansing, Big Data Tools, Understanding the GCP ecosystems. Our experts will teach you and guide you in building such robust systems.


IV - Capstone Project

Participants will tackle real world issues and apply machine learning concepts in order to solve them in this three month long Capstone Project, that can show case their knowledge to prospective employers