Frequently Asked Questions

+ Do I need to know Python to Join the Course?

No, we offer free Python for Data Science course to help students to come up to speed for the course.

+ How much Math and Statistics should I know to join the course?

While knowing Linear Algebra, Probability and Statistics increases your learning experience, we do not consider that a pre-requisite for the course. Wherever required we explain the math and stats behind it. We would expect you to get the joy of machine learning before spending time on learning the foundations. However, if you want to make Machine Learning a career, we would expect you to spend time and get familiarize yourself with the fundamentals.

+ Capstone Project, What is it? and Do I need to go through your course to join the Capstone Project.

First and foremost, yes, you need to have gone through our machine learning course to join the Capstone Project. In the Capstone project, which lasts for three months, you get to put your learing to use. You work on a project, either by yourself or as a member of a small team. In this project you solve a real world problem and build your portfolio.